Pre-order your BIG CHRISTMAS sharing calendar 24 drawers


Its here! Our highly limited edition sharing-calendar perfect for departments, groups or small companies. This is your chance to become employee, co-worker, team-mate or manager of the year! We have compiled a massive Christmas calendar filled with nothing less than 3,6 kg of our seductive Wally and Whiz gourmet gummies, measuring 44 cm x 60 cm in its unfolded stage. Its inclusive, its delicious, its exiting, and its suitable for everyone. Hurry up and make sure to pre-order this wonderful calendar that will surely turn heads in the office and increase your popularity! 


We wish you a Merry Christmas!



By pre-ordering this christmas calendar you order and pay upfront, whereafter the calendar will be send to the recipient in the beginning of October. 




1.600,00 kr