Summer Garden - 450 g

Apple with Gooseberry - Elderflower with Rosehips - Blackcurrant with redcurrant


‘Summer Garden’ from Wally and Whiz brings you on a journey through the amazing tastes of the Danish summer garden.

We have chosen to include elements from both trees and bushes, and are with this introducing you to all the beautiful colours the summer garden has to offer.


Blackcurrant with Redcurrant

Both blackcurrant and redcurrant are to be found in most Danish summer gardens, and therefore naturally also included in our Summer Garden box.

The dark, slightly piquant flavour of blackcurrant, combined with the acidic taste of redcurrant makes this gummy an extraordinary experience, that for most people likely will bring forth memories of summer.


Apple with Gooseberry

Apple trees are almost synonymous with the Danish summer garden. This time, we have chosen to dress our popular apple gummy with the beautiful green gooseberries. We pick the gooseberries before they are completely ripe, which brings out a delicious sweetness and slightly acidic flavour, complementing the fresh taste of apple.


Elderflower with Rosehips

When the rosehip flourishes and the scent from the white elderflower starts to unfold, you know that the summer has arrived. With the combination of the sweet summer flavour of elderflower, and the sweet and sour fruity taste from the orange rosehips, we are inviting you on a trip into the danish summer garden as well as on a journey along the danish roads and coastlines.   



165,00 kr