Red Summer Garden - 450 g


Spring has already been fantastic, and summer will be even better. Our RED summer garden will regardless get you in the mood! Whether its for cozy evenings on the terrace, for a beautiful wedding present, a graduation gift or simply for indulgence in the best there is for the summer, the Green Summer Garden will do it for you.  


Elderflower with Rosehips

Elderflower is the symbol of spring, and the perfumed peculiar yet delicious flavour from the rosehips is an absolute must-try This light yet fresh and delicious combination brings all of the summery feelings together in one. We have outdone ourselves here, and you simply need to try it!


Apple with Mint

A dark and deep berry flavour is the result of the merger between these two powerhouse berries. Packed with flavour this summer garden combination will leave no berry lower dissatisfied.


Grape with Ginger

The slightly spicy ginger is perfectly accompanied with the sweet grapefruit. The subtle kick to make you feel live and craving for more.  






165,00 kr