Christmas 'Winter Garden'

Our Christmas ‘Winter Garden’ is here. Bringing to you the best of Christmas in this symphony of gourmet gummies that will surely get you in the Christmas spirit. 450g.


Grapefruit with Spruce

Opening this box of gummies the scent of christmas comes to mind. We have harvested the fresh spruce in our back yard that infuses the coating on this christmas gummy. The taste of spruce meets the sweet and slightly fresh grapefruit gummy in a wonderful flavour that will expand your view on Christmas while still keeping with traditional thoughts. 


Apple with Almonds

Nothing like the taste of sweet almonds during Christmas. We have embraced a beautiful fresh Apple gummy with sweet almonds. The taste of marcipan in a fresh contrast to the apples creates a wonderful tasting experience. Its new, yet it would'nt be christmas without it.


Liquorice with Orange

We have accompanied our sweet liquorice gummy with one of the most famous tastes of Christmas - Orange. By reducing the peel, juice and fruit of the orange into a gentle orange coating we are completing the round of Christmas flavours in our Winter Garden. Dont miss out on this unity of flavours that summens the coziness of winter. 




179,00 kr